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The Big Launch

The Big Launch

We'd done the groundwork: the market research, the design, the production, the pricing and branding. The store was ready to go and the marketing wheels were about to finish their turn. Today - launch day.

Embracing the moment with a small party of friends and family, and a hearty welcome for any passing strangers with an interest, we took the opportunity to showcase the best of what we have to offer to anyone we could convince to come - and the party soon became an impromptu fashion show!

Thrilled to see those closest to us genuinely interested in and excited by what we'd been working on, it really gave us the boost and encouragement we needed to make sure the business became the success we always new it could be, and deserved to be.

As the year rolls round, we intend to regularly update our collections, launch seasonal-inspired new looks and share our advice and love for fashion with you all!

Please don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news, and check back here often for more in-depth information about our upcoming releases.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Thread Team

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